George Monbiot Seminar

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This is the video of the sem­i­nar I gave in Oxford ear­li­er this month that The Guardian’s George Mon­biot attend­ed. George then wrote the fea­ture “It’s in all our inter­ests to under­stand how to stop anoth­er Great Depres­sion”, which briefly pro­pelled the new edi­tion of Debunk­ing Eco­nom­ics to No. 89 on Ama­zon UK’s Best­seller list.

Giv­en that my audi­ence includ­ed aca­d­e­m­ic economists–from PhD stu­dents to Pro­fes­sors of some note–I went into more depth on the mod­el­ling I have done of Min­sky’s Finan­cial Insta­bil­i­ty Hypoth­e­sis than I nor­mal­ly do in pub­lic talks. The dis­cus­sion I had after­wards is also record­ed, which is why the video is so lengthy.

Debunking Economics II Launch Video

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I’ve final­ly had a fast enough inter­net link to upload the video to Youtube. I’ll add more detail lat­er when I get back to Syd­ney, but for now this will do.

There’s one tech­ni­cal glitch: the Gus­tav Tuck The­atre had a plas­ma screen rather than a data pro­jec­tor, and the refresh rate of the screen result­ed in a very bad flick­er on the video record­ing. How­ev­er the talks–by myself and Ann Pettifor–are easy enough to fol­low.

Excellent Switzer interview on Sky News Australia

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I have just been inter­viewed by Peter Switzer on the Switzer show on Sky News Aus­tralia. Peter inter­viewed me for over 15 min­utes, which allowed plen­ty of time to dis­cuss such things as: