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I’ve neglected this site for some years now, after a cou­ple of ISP crashes dam­aged it, so things like links to rec­om­mended sites have dis­ap­peared. I’ll add a cou­ple now and try to keep the page updated in the future.

Jim Nolt’s “Polar­ized Polit­i­cal Econ­omy

Polar­iz­ing Polit­i­cal Econ­omy seeks to com­pre­hend capitalism’s chaos and explain how forces like pri­vate power and strat­egy shape our world. Author James H. Nolt is a senior fel­low with World Pol­icy Insti­tute and teaches inter­na­tional rela­tions at New York Uni­ver­sity.

Ari Andricopoulos’s “Notes on the Next Bust

Ari Andri­copou­los PhD. is a prin­ci­pal at Dacha­ran Advi­sory AG, an invest­ment man­ager. He has a PhD. in Finan­cial Math­e­mat­ics from Man­ches­ter Uni­ver­sity and has pub­lished in var­i­ous aca­d­e­mic finance jour­nals.

  • things fall apart.…and some­times they can fall together. Look­ing for the means tore-sub­scribe to your/SK’s arti­cles, which was an RSS feed. Long time pro­moter of MMT/FF/HM et al locally, and on SSI thnx T

  • sorry incom­plete infor­ma­tion, for­mer email addy, new email addy cnstrctvsln.@gmail Tadit

  • jaimeop­erez

    Pro­fes­sor Keen: I am work­ing on a munic­i­pal level “reset” rel­a­tive to tax deposits, bank rela­tions, bond cre­ation and imple­men­ta­tion etc. How can I obtain a con­sul­ta­tion to cre­ate a local level strat­egy con­sis­tent with your analy­ses? Thank you.

  • You can email me at debunk­ing AT gmail DOT com Jamie. But I am far too busy already to con­sider con­sul­tancy. Maybe we can work out some other method.

  • Reen Ser

    To Pro­fes­sor Keen: I just won­der whether there is inter­est and space for ques­tions & com­ments con­cern­ing con­tent of your book “Debunk­ing Eco­nom­ics”. Please tell where to place such!
    regards, RS