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I’ve neglected this site for some years now, after a couple of ISP crashes damaged it, so things like links to recommended sites have disappeared. I’ll add a couple now and try to keep the page updated in the future.

Jim Nolt’s “Polarized Political Economy

Polarizing Political Economy seeks to comprehend capitalism’s chaos and explain how forces like private power and strategy shape our world. Author James H. Nolt is a senior fellow with World Policy Institute and teaches international relations at New York University.

Ari Andricopoulos’s “Notes on the Next Bust

Ari Andricopoulos PhD. is a principal at Dacharan Advisory AG, an investment manager. He has a PhD. in Financial Mathematics from Manchester University and has published in various academic finance journals.

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  1. things fall apart….and sometimes they can fall together. Looking for the means tore-subscribe to your/SK’s articles, which was an RSS feed. Long time promoter of MMT/FF/HM et al locally, and on SSI thnx T

  2. sorry incomplete information, former email addy, new email addy cnstrctvsln.@gmail Tadit

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