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Behavioural Finance 2010

Behavioural Finance 2009

  1. Reconsidering Consumer Behaviour (PDF)
  2. Reconsidering Producer Behaviour (PDF)
  3. Reconsidering Behaviour in Finance (PDF)
  4. How the Data Killed CAPM (PDF)
  5. The Fractal Markets Hypothesis (PDF)
  6. The Inefficient Markets Hypothesis (PDF)
  7. Experiments in Economic & Financial Behaviour (to be posted later)
  8. The statistics on money and implications for finance and economics (PDF)
  9. The endogenous money perspective (PDF)
  10. Modelling Endogenous Money I (PDF)
  11. Modelling Endogenous Money II (PDF)

History of Economic Thought

Political Economy: Critiques 

Political Economy: Evolutionary Economics

Financial Economics

Managerial Economics

Honours Lectures

Political Economy

More Political Economy

Advanced Finance

Advanced Macro


18 Responses to Lectures

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  5. Shane D Ward says:

    Any lecturing/speaking/book launch trips in Asia for 2012? Do you post your schedule in advance on the blog?

  6. Steve Keen says:

    Yes Shane,

    It’s not confirmed as yet, but there are plans for a lecture tour of India in late March–starting about March 22. I will definitely post details if it comes to pass.

  7. Shane D Ward says:

    Smartcomics.com – an idea for yr books message.

  8. Kozak says:

    Question: If I did a Masters programme, then a PhD in Economics at Western Sydney, what job in Economics could I expect? Would the BIS or WTO or IMF or the Australian Government employ me or would I be only a “wise” unemployed economist making a living writing blogs for a “fringe” readership base,

    Please email response to birojek@hotmail.com


  9. Hatto Schick says:

    it seems impossible to download most of your lectures – in fact everything except the behavioural finance ones.
    What im i doing wrong?

  10. Steve Keen says:

    Ah! It looks like the subscription site for Debunking Economics is getting in the way.

    I will be making major changes to that shortly. So please wait–if I had any assistants I could get this done faster, but I don’t so I have to get more pressing tasks completed first.

  11. Keensian says:

    Dear Sir,

    it still seems impossible to download any of your lectures. Behavioural Finance (used to work), History of economic thought, Policical Economy: Critiques, Evolutionary Economics, Financial Economics, etc.

    Most liks are answered by “404 – Not Found – Apologies, but the page you requested could not be found. Try using sitemap below.

    Please help …

    Kind regards

  12. Steve Keen says:

    Yes, my apologies there. A site crash wiped out everything, so links as well as sources died. They are slowly being restored but it’s not an easy task, and of course I don’t have much time for it.

    There’s a site design in train that might make it easier, since it may enable me to hire someone to undertake tasks like this.

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  14. villageblog says:

    I just checked archive.org and was able to check the out the lecture at the top of the page. I haven’t tried anything else but going back to 2011 worked fine for me.

  15. jorgenodabenitez says:

    Hi Steve,

    Links are still not working. Any chance they could be re-uploaded?


  16. betaguille says:

    Hi Steve. Links to lectures PPT and MP3 not working. Any chance to get that directly?


  17. Steve Keen says:

    They’re being fixed by a supporter/contractor right now Guillermo. They should be functional later this week.

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