For Kingston “Becom­ing An Econ­o­mist” stu­dents

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I’m post­ing videos of lec­tures given by my Kingston col­leagues to the intro­duc­tory “Becom­ing an Econ­o­mist” course, since the Study­S­pace soft­ware Kingston uses doesn’t sup­port MP4 files. The first is Devrim Yilmaz’s lec­ture last week on “Data Col­lec­tion and Pre­sen­ta­tion”.

About Steve Keen

I am Professor of Economics and Head of Economics, History and Politics at Kingston University London, and a long time critic of conventional economic thought. As well as attacking mainstream thought in Debunking Economics, I am also developing an alternative dynamic approach to economic modelling. The key issue I am tackling here is the prospect for a debt-deflation on the back of the enormous private debts accumulated globally, and our very low rate of inflation.
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  • jbra­gin

    1) Just in the last few days, when I try to access http://www.debtdeflation. com using Fire­fox v 43.0.4 (on my Mac­Book Air, run­ning Mac OS 10.10. 5 (Yosemite)) the web­site comes up for a moment then Fire­fox crashes. This does not hap­pen with any of six or seven other web­sites I reg­u­larly visit, includ­ing YouTube for Prof Keen’s videos. And using Safari or Chrome it does not hap­pen. 2) How­ever, using Safari or Chrome I can­not run Devrim Yilmaz’s lec­ture last week on “Data Col­lec­tion and Pre­sen­ta­tion”. It starts and then stops and I get a pop-out mes­sage from Safari that “Safari web con­tent quit sud­denly”, although Safari doesn’t crash. Using Chrome, when I click on the start icon for the video, cir­cling dots appear mid-screen (as if some­thing were buffer­ing), but the video never gets going. Could some­one post this on YouTube, like the pre­vi­ous five in the “Becom­ing an Econ­o­mist” course? And is there a power point file that could be posted, as with the pre­vi­ous five lec­tures?
    John Bra­gin, jbra­gin-at-ucla-dot-edu.