Speaking Tour on Debt

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A speaking tour of Melbourne, Adelaide and Canberra has been arranged for me by a number of groups. I’ll be speaking on Australia (and the OECD’s) debt bubble–the phenomena, analysis of how they came about, and what we might expect when they burst.

The details are:


7pm, Thursday March 13th

  • Deeper in Debt Talk, and then a conversation with Brian Cavanagh
  • Level 1, 27 Hardware Lane, Melbourne, free entry
  • Drinks afterwards

12pm-2pm, Friday March 14

  • Deeper in Debt Talk, over Lunch hosted by Per Capita
  • Reservations: info@percapita.org.au – $50 per person ($35 concession).
  • Mr Price’s Food Store, 302 Queensberry St, North Melbourne


  • Deeper in Debt Talk
  • 1pm-4pm, Sunday March 16
  • University of South Australia, City  West  Campus; Hawke Building H2-16


About Steve Keen

I am Professor of Economics and Head of Economics, History and Politics at Kingston University London, and a long time critic of conventional economic thought. As well as attacking mainstream thought in Debunking Economics, I am also developing an alternative dynamic approach to economic modelling. The key issue I am tackling here is the prospect for a debt-deflation on the back of the enormous private debts accumulated globally, and our very low rate of inflation.
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  1. Damn, I wish I was in Australia to come and see you but I’m 5,000 miles away. It is interesting to watch the problem with debts circle the globe and each country struggling with their own issues surrounding how debt impacts the local population. I’ll be sure to subscribe to your RSS feed now.

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