Great post on debt on Sam de Brito’s “All men are liars” Blog

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I reg­u­lar­ly peruse, and enjoy, the “All Men Are Liars” blog at the SMH on-line. Today’s post there is on a top­ic dear (in every sense of the word…) to this blog. I rec­om­mend check­ing it out–and engag­ing in the debate, if you have time (I’ve just post­ed a quick com­ment):

Suck­ers: slave to your mort­gage

Household Debt: US vs Australia

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As part of the back­ground to the Late­Line inter­view yes­ter­day, I graphed the US house­hold debt to GDP ratio against the Aus­tralian. All the news recent­ly has been about the sub-prime cri­sis in the States, of course: but guess where house­hold debt has been grow­ing fastest? That’s right, good old Aus­tralia has out-done itself once more. The accom­pa­ny­ing graph­ic tells the sto­ry, which I’ll embell­ish in the next Debt­watch report in ear­ly April.

House­hold Debt to GDP, USA & Aus­tralia