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The Friends Prov­i­dent Foun­da­tion has just estab­lished a Fel­low­ship for UK jour­nal­ism to pro­duce a “a sig­nif­i­cant work of long form jour­nal­ism in any medi­um on the theme of build­ing resilient economies.”

I’ve copied the full press release below. For fur­ther details, click on this link. The full press release is copied below.

Journalist Fellowship 2016

The Foundation’s trustees have cre­at­ed a jour­nal­ist fel­low­ship to build a bet­ter under­stand­ing of eco­nom­ics in the wider pub­lic by work­ing with a lead­ing jour­nal­ist to cre­ate a sig­nif­i­cant work of long form jour­nal­ism in any medi­um on the theme of build­ing resilient economies.




Pro­pos­als can be for a BOOK, DIGITAL JOURNALISM, A SHORT FILM or oth­er dig­i­tal out­puts.

The work must com­mu­ni­cate, in an acces­si­ble way, eco­nom­i­cal­ly coher­ent ideas – with a firm basis in eco­nom­ic the­o­ry.

The Fel­low­ship offers edi­to­r­i­al and finan­cial sup­port to the suc­cess­ful can­di­date. We will work with them to ensure their work is wide­ly dis­sem­i­nat­ed.

Who can apply:

The Fel­low­ship is open to accom­plished UK jour­nal­ists, writ­ers, doc­u­men­tary mak­ers and online media pro­fes­sion­als.

Free­lancers, full-time staff, spe­cial­ist and non-spe­cial­ist jour­nal­ists will all be con­sid­ered.

The amount:

An award of £45,000 will be received by the suc­cess­ful entrant, inclu­sive. This is for research, writ­ing, film-mak­ing, any trav­el and ancil­lary expens­es relat­ed to the project.

The timetable:

The clos­ing date for appli­ca­tions is 20 Novem­ber 2015, fol­lowed by inter­views by a pan­el of judges for the short­list­ed can­di­dates on 16 Decem­ber 2015. Can­di­dates will be noti­fied by 7 Jan­u­ary 2016 of the deci­sion of the pan­el. The suc­cess­ful can­di­date will have max­i­mum of a year to pro­duce the work. They will receive £20,000 on announce­ment, £10,000 mid­way through the project and £15,000 on com­ple­tion of a prod­uct of suit­able qual­i­ty.

To apply:

Please sub­mit:-

Con­tact details – full name, address, email address, tele­phone num­bers

Full CV – out­lin­ing edu­ca­tion, career(s), pub­li­ca­tions list (books or essays), social media, any oth­er jour­nal­ist out­puts, cur­rent jour­nal­is­tic com­mit­ments or oth­er com­mit­ments.

Cov­er­ing paper – out­lin­ing

  • The eco­nom­ic theme you wish to address and its rela­tion­ship to our Eco­nom­ic Resilience pro­gramme as you under­stand it;
  • An out­line of the pro­posed work, includ­ing chapter/segment sum­maries or oth­er struc­tures rel­e­vant to devel­op­ment of the fin­ished work;
  • Pro­posed treat­ment: how you would approach the research, who you would need to access/ inter­view;
  • Pro­pos­als for get­ting the work wide­ly dis­sem­i­nat­ed.

Please send all infor­ma­tion to:

Friends Prov­i­dent Foun­da­tion

Tele­phone: 01904 629675
Email: foundation.enquiries@friendsprovidentfoundation.org.uk



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