Lecture 1 in “Becoming an Economist” at Kingston University

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Becom­ing an Econ­o­mist is the intro­duc­to­ry course on eco­nom­ics for under­grad­u­ates at Kingston Uni­ver­si­ty. This is the first of 11 lec­tures in the sub­ject; I’ll post the oth­ers as I write them over the next few months. This lec­ture dis­cuss­es why econ­o­mists dis­agree with each oth­er, and draws analo­gies with astron­o­my at the time when Galileo dis­cov­ered craters on the Moon, and moons orbit­ing Jupiter and Sat­urn.

This is the Pow­er­point file for the lec­ture, which includes links to the Youtube videos used in this lec­ture:

Lec­ture 1: Why Econ­o­mists Disagree–Lessons from Astron­o­my

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About Steve Keen

I am Professor of Economics and Head of Economics, History and Politics at Kingston University London, and a long time critic of conventional economic thought. As well as attacking mainstream thought in Debunking Economics, I am also developing an alternative dynamic approach to economic modelling. The key issue I am tackling here is the prospect for a debt-deflation on the back of the enormous private debts accumulated globally, and our very low rate of inflation.