About $7500 raised thus far for Standish-Minsky

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Russell Standish asked me to thank those who have donated to keep him available for the Minsky project: A total of about $7500 has been raised to date.

I have set up the payments now so that they go straight to Russell’s PayPal account. One user did ask about alternative payment methods; Russell’s comment was that bank fees make a direct bank account transfer only worthwhile either for an Australian donation, or for a very large sum from a non-Australian bank account.

I am continuing to explore other potential funding options–and there are a couple of promising leads. But until they come through, continuing support from the community would be most welcome.

About Steve Keen

I am Professor of Economics and Head of Economics, History and Politics at Kingston University London, and a long time critic of conventional economic thought. As well as attacking mainstream thought in Debunking Economics, I am also developing an alternative dynamic approach to economic modelling. The key issue I am tackling here is the prospect for a debt-deflation on the back of the enormous private debts accumulated globally, and our very low rate of inflation.
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