Genius versus bricks-and-mortar in the head

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Aus­tralia could have been the world leader in lap­top com­put­ers — if we didn’t have a brain-dead finan­cial sec­tor.

Han­nah Fran­cis’ arti­cle last week about the Vix­tel Uni­ty — a new Aus­tralian-designed mul­ti-func­tion Tablet/Laptop/Phone (The three-in-one Aussie device that could kill the PC) — seri­ous­ly stopped me in my tracks when I saw that its devel­op­er was Ter­ry Crews. For that rea­son alone, I popped over to the Indiegogo site where Vix­tel is run­ning a crowd-fund­ing cam­paign and chipped in $645 towards its $100,000 goal — for which I’ll receive one of the first pro­duc­tion run tablets that will be avail­able in July (about 4 to 6 weeks from now).

Why did I do that? Because Ter­ry was the brains behind eas­i­ly the most inno­v­a­tive com­put­er prod­uct ever to come out of Aus­tralia: the Dul­mont Mag­num (see Fig­ure 1). This was a gen­uine lap­top com­put­er, the very first in the world, whose design pre-dat­ed the IBM PC. Any new prod­uct Ter­ry Crews is involved in is bound to leap well ahead of the com­pe­ti­tion, because that was his track record with the Dul­mont Mag­num itself. This prod­uct was so far ahead of the glob­al com­pe­ti­tion that com­par­isons are sim­ply laugh­able.

Fig­ure 1: The Dul­mont Mag­num — my own which I pur­chased back in 1984

Graph for Genius versus bricks-and-mortar in the head

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