Matheus Grasselli on mathematics for good Economics

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INET has just released an inter­view with my reseach col­league and now good friend Pro­fes­sor Matheus Gras­sel­li, the Deputy Direc­tor of the Fields Insti­tute, one of the world’s lead­ing insti­tutes for applied math­e­mat­i­cal research. He presents a lead­ing math­e­mati­cian’s per­spec­tive on math­e­mat­ics as used and abused in eco­nom­ics, and what promise there is for a bet­ter eco­nom­ics in future, based on more mod­ern math­e­mat­ics than is used in Neo­clas­si­cal DSGE mod­els. A high­ly rec­om­mend­ed video:

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