Vale David Hirst

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One of the hand­ful of jour­nal­ists to ful­ly grasp the enor­mi­ty of the eco­nom­ic cri­sis that was to com­mence in late 2007 has died, long before the cri­sis itself will end. In his col­umn Plan­et Wall Street, David Hirst’s poet­ic prose warned his read­ers of the com­ing eco­nom­ic tsuna­mi, at the same time as the offi­cials who should have pre­vent­ed it con­tin­ued to laud the very instru­ments of finan­cial deceit that made it pos­si­ble.

Though the Fourth Estate’s high­er pur­pose is to keep the oth­er three in check, the human fear of being an out­cast keeps most jour­nal­ists with­in the bounds of con­ven­tion­al wis­dom. David had no prob­lem step­ping out­side it, as he stepped out­side the con­ven­tions of so much else in life.

David Hirst

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