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Swags for Homeless, the Australian entrepreneurial charity that has designed a brilliant portable bed for homeless people, has entered a movie “Home” into the Focus Foward short film contest.

The film is now a semi-finalist, and your vote can help it get to the Sundance Festival, and possibly even win the $100,000 prize. Swags would use the exposure and the prize money to establish operations in the USA–a country that has a desperate need to make the life of its many homeless less miserable.

This is the movie, and if you click on the vote link you can do your bit to help an innovative Australian charity spread its wings to the USA and beyond.

Home | Phoebe Hartley from Focus Forward Films on Vimeo.

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  1. Dale Pierce says:

    If there is a hell, there is a special, cold and lonely corner of it that is reserved for William Jefferson Clinton, who declared victory over unemployment on the strength of his own personal awesomeness and ended “welfare as we knew it”. Now count the kids and single moms crowding into homeless shelters, and try to find the moral courage to look into the eyes of the ones who are turned away.

    The people in this video should get some kind of medal. The people in government who perpetuate this depression should get there own bridge to sleep under.

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