Sad News: Mish Shedlock’s wife Joanne has passed away

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Mish Shedlock has just let us know that his wife Joanne, who has been suffering from the degenerative Lou Gehrig’s Disease, has just passed away.

Mish has kept this problem to himself until the final months, when he launched an appeal to raise funds for research into this disease. He is continuing that campaign now, so please consider making a donation to assist (or buying a lottery ticket).

This is the second death in just a week of the spouse of a colleague (I won’t mention the other by name, since the news was only passed on to members of a closed list, and I don’t know whether the colleague wants to have it more widely known). As Mish says, at times like this, we should all ” stop and smell the lilacs” and reflect on the wonders of life, as his lifelong partner Joanne often did.

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2 Responses to Sad News: Mish Shedlock’s wife Joanne has passed away

  1. Derek R says:

    Sad news. And a reminder to us all that our personal lives are much more important to our happiness than our online lives. We can’t really do much to help Mish except by making the donation that he asks for. But we can make our own loved ones happy while we have them. So let’s do that too.

  2. koonyeow says:

    Title: I Agree Whole-heartedly, Derek

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