Sad News: Mish Shedlock’s wife Joanne has passed away

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Mish Shed­lock has just let us know that his wife Joanne, who has been suf­fer­ing from the degen­er­a­tive Lou Gehrig’s Dis­ease, has just passed away.

Mish has kept this prob­lem to him­self until the final months, when he launched an appeal to raise funds for research into this dis­ease. He is con­tin­u­ing that cam­paign now, so please con­sider mak­ing a dona­tion to assist (or buy­ing a lot­tery ticket).

This is the sec­ond death in just a week of the spouse of a col­league (I won’t men­tion the other by name, since the news was only passed on to mem­bers of a closed list, and I don’t know whether the col­league wants to have it more widely known). As Mish says, at times like this, we should all “ stop and smell the lilacs” and reflect on the won­ders of life, as his life­long part­ner Joanne often did.

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  • Derek R

    Sad news. And a reminder to us all that our per­sonal lives are much more impor­tant to our hap­pi­ness than our online lives. We can’t really do much to help Mish except by mak­ing the dona­tion that he asks for. But we can make our own loved ones happy while we have them. So let’s do that too.

  • koonyeow

    Title: I Agree Whole-heart­edly, Derek