Advertisement: AFTER AMERICA: How to Invest, Prosper and Survive In The Asian Century!

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 March 15–16 2012: The InterContinental Hotel, Sydney

Economic leadership of the world is passing from West to East. It may be an orderly transition… or there may be currency wars… resource wars… and a period of great volatility in the financial markets. However it plays out, this WILL affect the Australian economy, your investments, retirement savings, and asset wealth in 2012…

If you’re becoming more concerned about your future financial security, clear your calendar for AFTER AMERICA – Port Phillip Publishing’s inaugural investment conference.

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You’ll learn all about:

  • The coming “gold wars” with China…and the Aussie miners striking it rich in Asia’s Rim of Fire…
  • Dollar, Yen, Yuan, Euro: who’ll win the currency war and how you can be on the winning side…
  • The only small cap oil and energy speculators to own in 2012…
  • Why the Aussie banks are far riskier you think…
  • When Superpowers collide: how to prepare for the coming conflict between China and America…

Main Speakers:

  • Dan Denning, Dr Alex Cowie, Kris Sayce, Murray Dawes, Greg Canavan: The Daily Reckoning / Port Phillip Publishing
  • Satyajit Das: 30-year veteran of the financial markets: “The Great Re-Set”
  • Dylan Grice: Société Générale: “The Limits of Knowledge and the Prospects of Inflation’   
  • Paul Monk: Formerly of the Australian Department of Defence: “’Chinese Grand Strategy and American Hegemony’
  • David Thomas: Business futurist, BRIC expert and entrepreneur: “‘Following the Money – New Bull Markets of the 21st Century’

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About David Lawson

-Worked as a real estate agent in 2009, have since left the industry because I now see that it is all fuelled by euphoric expections and debt -Started to become concerned about the global debt bubble after reading 'The Credit Crunch' by Graham Turner about a year ago and have since followed Steve Keens debtwatch blog -Competed a Bachelor of economics in 2004 specalising in iternational trade and finance -Lived in the USA for 5 years of my life, have witnessed first hand there frivolous spending patterns and watched our country become the same over the course of last 10 years
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8 Responses to Advertisement: AFTER AMERICA: How to Invest, Prosper and Survive In The Asian Century!

  1. koonyeow says:

    Title: In Memory of Donella Meadows

    How about expanding it to become AFTER ‘Limits to Growth’?

  2. Steve Keen says:

    Agreed–but this is an advertisement (for a crowd I often agree with, I hasten to add!: Kris Sayce and I are often on the same page on the current economic follies, even though he comes at it from a very Austrian perspective) so we’re stuck with Money Morning’s copy.

  3. koonyeow says:

    Title: My ‘Complain’ Answered (Laugh Out Loud)

    Agree that this is an advertisement. Too bad there is no symposium of such calibre in Singapore. I may get the DVD though.

    I suppose my AFTER-‘Limits to Growth’ ‘complain’ has been answered by tomorrow’s Ceres event (laugh out loud).

  4. mahaish says:

    think the title of this talk fest is entirely presumptious.

    hopefully we will get a post on who said what at the talk.

  5. CTindale says:

    The “power is moving from west to east” stuff gets a little tedious , Chinas credit boom is accelerating faster than the wests did , why do folk believe a debt based consumption boom in the west is some how disconnected to the production boom in the east ? All China did in 2008 was replace lost growth with credit based construction .

    I don’t think people actually track military competiveness or they wouldn’t put China in the same sentence as the US . The us alliances include nearly everyone that matters and China has who on it’s side ? The US has 11 carrier battle groups and China has none?

    I’m with Jim Chanos and Hugh Hendry the rise of the East to leadership is complete delusion .China has been consistently the most unstable large power of the last 400 years. The coming gold wars with China ? Under BW2 the US holds 80% of the worlds gold , it was done this way so the USD would be assured reserve currency status , holding it implies gold backing . Even under an Austrian analysis China is toast , it’s a global debt boom not western one , keep in mind what Marzipan said about over production .

  6. CTindale says:

    I started going to China on business in 1982 , in the 00s I went +40 times , including extensive experience in systems deployment in probably 40% of Asias banks. I’ve actually sat in the credit departments of these banks and reviewed their processes, policies and systems. Ive also done this @ Westpac, CBA and St George and ran the credit department of American Express in Asia . The entire rise of Asia is within the USD system , it’s probably the worst bubble of the lot and I would be surprised if the CCP actually survives the next 5 years without being toppled in a revolution . Hugh Hendry has got the China story right

  7. koonyeow says:

    Title: Thanks for Sharing Your Frontline Experience About China, CTindale

  8. CTindale says:

    Lol auto spellers Marx not Marzipan 🙂

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