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Syd­ney, Buenos Aires, Wash­ing­ton, Tra­verse City, New York, Lon­don… Spot the odd one out.

Tra­verse City is in Michi­gan, and for the sec­ond time in two years I found myself divert­ing from my usu­al cap­i­tal city trav­els to spend a few days near Lake Michi­gan at a “Local Future” con­fer­ence orga­nized by Aaron Wiss­ner. It’s an unusu­al con­fer­ence, with a com­mu­ni­ty focus, par­tic­i­pants from many walks of life but pre­dom­i­nant­ly con­cerned cit­i­zens rather than cor­po­rate rep­re­sen­ta­tives, and a diverse range of top­ics blend­ing ecol­o­gy, eco­nom­ics and gov­er­nance. The videos from the 2011 con­fer­ence, enti­tled “Vision-Action-Lead­er­ship”, have just been post­ed on Youtube, and they include a two-part inter­view of me by Aaron where he asked me to explain mon­ey with­out resort­ing to either Pow­er­point slides or equa­tions.

There are many oth­er videos in the series, includ­ing some with Nicole Foss who will short­ly be in Aus­tralia, and I do rec­om­mend check­ing them out. Below is my inter­view in two parts.

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