In New York Friday September 23rd: Possible Debtwatch Talk

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I’ll be in New York very briefly (while en route to the launch for Debunk­ing Eco­nom­ics II in Lon­don), on Fri­day Sep­tem­ber 23rd.

A blog mem­ber, Robert K, has kind­ly vol­un­teered to coor­di­nate a talk, if there are suf­fi­cient peo­ple inter­est­ed in attend­ing.

If you’ll be in New York that day and you’d like to attend a talk by me–probably a rehearsal of the talk I’ll give when launch­ing Debunk­ing Eco­nom­ics II, but I’m open to oth­er sug­gest­ed top­ics as well–then please let Robert know via his email, which in spam-lim­it­ing form is:

amy­daykahn “AT”

And also post a com­ment here please.

I have one meet­ing in the ear­ly morn­ing (the rea­son for my vis­it), and I’m also going to try to meet with INET (does any­body know where their office is? They’re incred­i­bly hard to con­tact!), but apart from that I’m free. I expect the talk will be held in the evening.

A venue will be need­ed, so if any­one can donate a meet­ing room of suf­fi­cient size, that would be appre­ci­at­ed. We’ll need at least 10 inter­est­ed peo­ple to make it worth­while, and my last impromp­tu talk in New York had about 40 atten­dees.

Cheers, Steve

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