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A num­ber of new mem­bers have asked how to change their pass­word after log­ging on to the site. The process is rel­a­tive­ly sim­ple, but it’s easy to miss the menu since it’s so sub­tle.

When you log in, a menu with two items in it–your blog name and the word “Dashboard”–appear at the top of the page, on the same line as the Search win­dow but at the left hand end of the screen:

Click on your name and this drop down will appear:

Choose “Edit My Pro­file” and you get this man­age­ment screen:

Way down the bot­tom of this screen is the sec­tion for chang­ing your pass­word:

Change it, save it, and you will now have a mem­o­rable pass­word.

Thank you to all those who have signed on as pay­ing sup­port­ers. The response to this has been far greater than via the Donate wid­get, and there have been some hum­bling sums offered. I appre­ci­ate what this says about peo­ple’s com­mit­ment to a vision of a col­lec­tive good–in Debt­watch’s case, via improv­ing soci­ety by under­stand­ing its dynam­ics better–even more than the pay­ments.

In total, the mem­ber­ship pay­ments are still a long way from being enough for me to con­sid­er becom­ing an inde­pen­dent schol­ar, but it’s ear­ly days yet. That day could well arrive.

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