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As not­ed in Announc­ing the Cen­ter for Eco­nom­ic Sta­bil­i­ty AGM, the first Annu­al Gen­er­al Meet­ing of the Cen­tre for Eco­nom­ic Sta­bil­i­ty Incor­po­rat­ed will be held on Wednes­day Sep­tem­ber 7th at 6–9pm at the Syd­ney Mechan­ics School of Arts, 280 Pitt Street Syd­ney, Aus­tralia, from 6–9pm.

I need to have some idea of num­bers for cater­ing and room book­ing pur­pos­es. I know that most of the 12,000 sub­scribers to and 60,000+ month­ly read­ers of this blog don’t live in Syd­ney or sur­rounds, but I would appre­ci­ate it if as many as are able to attend do so, and help get CfE­SI rolling.

If you can attend, please click on the link below to reg­is­ter:

Reg­is­tra­tion for CfE­SI AGM

Please also con­sid­er sign­ing up to CfE­SI: as you should be aware from read­ing this blog, I have run it “on the smell of an oily rag” for the last 4 years, with no fees or adver­tis­ing (though that is about to change). Dona­tions have helped, but have only been at a lev­el that enables occa­sion­al soft­ware pur­chas­es, rather than tru­ly sup­port­ing a research effort.

This was not a major prob­lem while the research was large­ly some­thing that only I could do. How­ev­er, now that I have received fund­ing from INET for the ini­tial devel­op­ment of a dynam­ic mon­e­tary macro­eco­nom­ic sim­u­la­tion pro­gram, there is a research project that I can’t do alone, and for which pub­lic fund­ing is required. I have hired one pro­gram­mer for the next year, which will enable the devel­op­ment of a min­i­mal pro­gram, when so much more can be done.

If a suf­fi­cient lev­el of fund­ing is raised via the mem­ber­ship fees for CfE­SI, it will be able to both fund this research, and appear as a pub­lic part­ner in grant appli­ca­tions to schemes such as the Aus­tralian Research Coun­cil’s Link­age pro­gram. The min­i­mum indus­try part­ner fund­ing con­tri­bu­tion that the ARC will take seri­ous­ly is $10,000 p.a., and so far CfE­SI is only about one third of the way there: about 50 peo­ple have signed up as pay­ing mem­bers, yield­ing about $3,500 p.a.

So if you’ve enjoyed this blog, and ben­e­fit­ed from the analy­sis and dis­cus­sion here, please sign up. There are 3 lev­els of pay­ing mem­ber­ship, with the low­est fee being a mod­est US$13 p.a. (we are set­ting fees in US$ since both the audi­ence of this blog and the focus of CfE­SI are inter­na­tion­al, even though they are both based in Aus­tralia).

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