Al Jazeera interview on Rating Agencies

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I’ve done numer­ous inter­views on Al Jazeera’s news and busi­ness pro­grams over the last 5 years; this is the first one I’ve been sent a clip of–and I’ll try to keep get­ting them now that the Prof­Steve­Keen YouTube Chan­nel is up and run­ning.

The top­ic was the role of the Cred­it Rat­ing Agen­cies and their role in the cri­sis. Though the inter­views are short new pieces and don’t leave time to get into top­ics in any great detail, the fact that Al Jazeera cov­ers top­ics like this in some crit­i­cal detail puts it sev­er­al steps ahead of the media pack, espe­cial­ly in the US and Aus­tralia.

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