On The Edge with Max Keiser

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One of the bonus­es of my recent trip to Madrid for the SASE con­fer­ence was being able to drop in to see Max Keis­er and Sta­cy Her­bert in Paris. We record­ed two inter­views, one for The Keis­er Report and anoth­er much longer inter­view for On The Edge.

Max and I cov­er a wide range of top­ics in this 23 minute inter­view: the cri­sis itself, shad­ow bank­ing, the inter­play of Glob­al Warm­ing, Peak Oil and Chi­na with the Great Reces­sion,  my new book, Debunk­ing Eco­nom­ics II (which is com­ing out in Sep­tem­ber)… And we had a lot of fun in the process.

Live inter­views always result in at least one ver­bal stuff-up how­ev­er, and I heard one “bloop­er” as I reviewed this–I talk about entre­pre­neurs need­ing bank loans because they have “no ideas”; I meant “no mon­ey”. That’s one of the per­ils of an unscript­ed dia­logue, but it’s more than worth the risk for the fun of bounc­ing off as sharp a wit as Max’s.

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I am Professor of Economics and Head of Economics, History and Politics at Kingston University London, and a long time critic of conventional economic thought. As well as attacking mainstream thought in Debunking Economics, I am also developing an alternative dynamic approach to economic modelling. The key issue I am tackling here is the prospect for a debt-deflation on the back of the enormous private debts accumulated globally, and our very low rate of inflation.