Australian property hotspots?

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Hi every­one.

This is a request for feed­back, rather than infor­ma­tion or analy­sis from me: if you want­ed to see where the Aus­tralian prop­er­ty mar­ket is frag­ile now, where would you go?

Obvi­ous places to check in gen­er­al are Perth and Gold Coast, but I’d like some more specifics (sub­urbs and, if pos­si­ble, streets) that only local knowl­edge can pro­vide.

In the Aus­tralian con­text, fore­clo­sures won’t pro­vide the data–as a sub­scriber recent­ly point­ed out, there are only about 400 mort­gagee sales list­ed coun­try­wide on But there are about 4,000 “moti­vat­ed ven­dors” out there, which is often a sign that ven­dors are under lender pres­sure to sell. Oth­er use­ful indi­ca­tors are areas where there have been sub­stan­tial price drops.

Also, are there any spots where the prop­er­ty lob­by might be able to argue that “the worst is over”?

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Thanks in advance, Steve

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