Aussie house prices fall 0.7% in June 2010

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The RPDa­ta-Ris­mark index has just been released, and it has fall­en 0.7% in the month of June 2010.

I’ll have more to say on this short­ly, but for now I can do no bet­ter than to direct you to the Busi­ness Spec­ta­tor news report of the fall:

House prices fall 0.7% in June, flat in quar­ter

and Christo­pher Joye’s press release on this top­ic:

House prices on ice – for now

I also rec­om­mend Rob Burgess’s elec­tion blog per­spec­tive here:

POLL POSITION: Will Labor fall with house prices?

And I thank Rob for refer­ring in his arti­cle to my last post in Busi­ness Spec­ta­tor in June:

Hous­ing nears the precipice

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