KeenWalk: Getting to Canberra

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I’ll be post­ing a few links about the Walk to Kosciuszko here, main­ly for infor­ma­tion of those who will be tak­ing part. They will dupli­cate posts on the Keen­walk site itself, where the mem­bers are large­ly but not exclu­sive­ly those who will be join­ing me for the walk.

This post is large­ly about logis­tics: get­ting to Can­ber­ra, and pos­si­bly pool­ing resources to do so. Apolo­gies to those who are look­ing for ana­lyt­ic content–this post will have none what­so­ev­er. But if you are one of the walk­ers, please pop over to Keen­walk now and make your com­ments on this post there rather than here…

There are a large num­ber of peo­ple com­ing on The Walk now, with about 30 like­ly to be there for the first day (12pm this Thurs­day April 15 at Fed­er­a­tion Mall in front of Par­lia­ment House, for a 1pm start).

We will have a troupe of stilt walk­ers tak­ing part as well, who will hand out heli­um-filled balloons–rather apt for a protest against a gov­ern­ment-spon­sored hous­ing bub­ble! With the stilt walk­ers, the bal­loons, the T‑shirts (which look fab­u­lous),  and about 30 peo­ple walk­ing, it should be a very colour­ful start to the event. We’ll fin­ish rough­ly 25km lat­er on the Monaro High­way, where there will be a catered din­ner road­side (includ­ing wine and beer).

Some media pres­ence is con­firmed (includ­ing the ABC), and one of our all-the-way walk­ers is from Busi­ness Spec­ta­tor and will be report­ing all the way. I’ll send out a press release on The Walk on Mon­day (once I fin­ish an unre­lat­ed appli­ca­tion for research fund­ing that has the very unfor­tu­nate dead­line of Mon­day morn­ing), and hope­ful­ly there’ll be sub­stan­tial cov­er­age on the day. On this note, Glenn Steven­s’s recent appear­ance on day­time tele­vi­sion could­n’t have been bet­ter timed–since it’s clear now that the RBA also con­cedes there is an house price bub­ble afoot.

Since most of our walk­ers will be com­ing from Syd­ney and inter­state, there is the issue of how peo­ple plan to get down to Can­ber­ra. I hope that we can use this blog post as a means to solve trans­porta­tion issues for some peo­ple who are com­mit­ted to tak­ing part in The Walk, but are unsure about their trans­porta­tion options to and from Can­ber­ra.

If you’re in that position–or if you are dri­ving down from (say) Syd­ney and would have room to accom­mo­date one or more oth­er walkers–please post a reply to this blog entry detail­ing your sit­u­a­tion and needs (if you’d like a lift) or capa­bil­i­ties (if you have space in a vehi­cle).

I will be going down to Can­ber­ra from Syd­ney the day before (Wednes­day 14th), both to organ­ise and to give a sem­i­nar at a gov­ern­ment depart­ment that day. I am leav­ing at about 9am and dri­ving a peo­ple mover down, which has capac­i­ty for 12 peo­ple. If you’re able to leave a day ear­li­er and join me in the peo­ple mover, please let me know. The peo­ple mover will be used to fer­ry peo­ple who are walk­ing the entire dis­tance (about a dozen of us) back to the start in Can­ber­ra after The Walk fin­ish­es on April 23.

Support vehicles and drivers

I am con­sid­er­ing hir­ing a van to han­dle some of the gear we’re bring­ing down (this includes bicy­cles for some peo­ple who will be rid­ing rather than walk­ing, a mas­sage table, Eskies, etc.). How­ev­er if we do this we will require an extra driver–one for the peo­ple mover, and one for the van–each day, as well as a dri­ver for the van from Syd­ney to Can­ber­ra on the morn­ing of the 15th. If you could be that dri­ver, please let me know.

Next, there is the issue of trans­porta­tion with­in each day of The Walk as well for those who are tak­ing part for just one day. We will be able to get you back to your cars using the peo­ple mover, but anoth­er method that will reduce the load on the organ­is­ers is car pool­ing. The idea is that:

  • 2 (or more) peo­ple dri­ve 2 cars to the end point for a giv­en day in the morn­ing;
  • They then dri­ve back to the start, leav­ing one (or more) cars at the fin­ish point;
  • When they get to the fin­ish point, they get into the wait­ing cars and dri­ve back to the start

If you would be able to do that, can you let oth­ers know by post­ing a reply here? We’d need to know on which day you are going to do The Walk (and whether you’ll be start­ing at 10am in the morn­ing or 2pm in the after­noon), whether you do or don’t have a car, and how much capac­i­ty your vehi­cle has.

If I do hire the van, we will need two dri­vers each day–one for the peo­ple mover and one for the van. Respon­si­bil­i­ties will include dri­ving to col­lect the lunch­es in the morn­ing, set­ting up the lunch spot, and dri­ving along the route to see how walk­ers are going, hand out drinks if nec­es­sary, etc. On some days the sup­port team will be able to han­dle this, but on oth­ers there may be only one dri­ver, so we would need assis­tance in dri­ving.

The best way to han­dle this would be for peo­ple who are doing the entire walk to take one day off walk­ing and be a sup­port dri­ver instead. We could decide the ros­ter­ing while walk­ing on the first day, so please be aware that I’ll be ask­ing you to con­sid­er it if you are an all-the-way walk­er. I think it’ll still be legit­i­mate to say that you did the whole way even if one day is spent being a dri­ver rather than a walk­er: one key rea­son why we’re all doing this is a strong sense of com­mu­ni­ty after all, and being a dri­ver will be a con­tri­bu­tion to the com­mu­ni­ty of walk­ers that we will become on this trek.

The 800km option

Final­ly, a reminder that it is fea­si­ble to get from Syd­ney to the start point of each day’s walk by half an hour pri­or to the 2pm start­ing time, if you start out from Syd­ney by 8am. For exam­ple, Google Maps indi­cates that it would take about 5 hours to dri­ve from Syd­ney’s CBD to Cooma (a dis­tance of 400km), so an 8am depar­ture would get you to our start­ing point by about 1pm.

The hard part of such an option, of course, would be dri­ving back again the same day for a total of 800km of dri­ving! But it is pos­si­ble, and if you are con­sid­er­ing doing this, please let us know.

I look for­ward to meet­ing you all on The Walk. It should be a very enjoy­able (if chal­leng­ing) and mem­o­rable event.

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