On The Record Interview

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Car­son Scott inter­viewed me for Sky News Busi­ness Chan­nel last week for the pro­gram On The Record. Rather than focus­ing on the news of the day, this pro­gram attempts to give the back­ground to peo­ple in pub­lic life.

As such there’s more of a focus on the rea­sons why I have tak­en the activist stand that I have on the econ­o­my than on my analy­sis of the econ­o­my itself. While some of this focus­es on my fam­i­ly and edu­ca­tion­al back­ground, it also gave me the oppor­tu­ni­ty to explain that my major moti­va­tion was the desire to rid eco­nom­ics of the pseu­do-sci­en­tif­ic Neo­clas­si­cal non­sense that dom­i­nat­ed eco­nom­ics since the ear­ly 1950s.

I can’t embed the video in this post–though I may put up anoth­er embed­ded ver­sion when I receive the DVD of the pro­gram from Carson–but if you’d like to watch it, please fol­low this link.

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