Brilliant Business Insider Article on Dynamite Prize

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The Dyna­mite Prize for Economics–to be award­ed to the three econ­o­mists most respon­si­ble for the Glob­al Finan­cial Crisis–is going gang­busters with over 14,000 votes so far.

It may pick up even more thanks to some excel­lent work by Busi­ness Insider/Clusterstock, which has pro­duced a bril­liant graph­ic illus­trat­ing the prize.

It’s mag­nif­i­cent, and here it is below for your enjoyment–click on the “Go To The Short List of Nom­i­nees for the Dyna­mite Prize in Eco­nom­ics–>” link and that will take you to the graph­ic, or click here to go straight to the graph­ic.

And remem­ber, if you haven’t done so already, VOTE! The more tal­lies we get for this prize, the more we put the eco­nom­ics pro­fes­sion on notice that this time, it has to aban­don its delu­sion­al, equi­lib­ri­um-fix­at­ed ways.

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