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Max Keiser inter­viewed me for his 4th Keiser Report when I was in Paris ear­lier in Decem­ber. I come in at about the 13 minute mark after Max’s ban­ter with Stacy:

It was a great interview–Max had about ten ques­tions pre­pared, but only asked about 3 of them because the con­ver­sa­tion flowed so well.

We also recorded a pro­gram on what 2010 may bring for mar­kets and economies for BBC Radio 5 Live Break­fast; the pro­gram will go to air on New Year’s Eve at 10PM Lon­don time.

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  • space­bar

    Steve and all,
    I think you will find your inter­view on BBC5 is actu­ally 8PM Lon­don time. Which puts it at 7am Syd­ney time tomor­row morn­ing with a repeat at 3pm (4am Lon­don time).
    The pro­gram syn­op­sis is here:

    A direct link to the broad­cast is here;

    I will post this also on the 2009 Ret­ro­spect topic. Apolo­gies to all if this has already been cor­rected.

  • space­bar

    Ref 176

    Sorry — the links are ass about.

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  • Jason Mur­phy

    Isn’t the sim­ple point being made here that money avail­able to bor­row is just like money in your pocket except that the “How_hard_­to_get_out_of_pocket” attribute is at a dif­fer­ent level [one you just reach in, the other you have to con­vince bank].

    That is, it doesn’t mat­ter how much money is around you have to be able to “get it out of your pocket”.

    The inverse of the blog with regards money migt be with regards pro­duc­tion.

    That is, if you are in the desert all the money with the low­est “How_hard_­to_get_out_of_pocket” attribute value wont get spent because there is noth­ing to spend it on.


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