Din­ner with Michael Hud­son?

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There will be a din­ner with Michael Hud­son and his wife after the talk at Cus­toms House on Fri­day Octo­ber 23rd at a restau­rant called Young Alfred, which is also in Cus­toms House. The din­ner will start at 8pm.

If you’d like to be part of the book­ing, please let me know via an email to me at debunk­ing (at) gmail dot com (spelt out this way to min­imise the addi­tion to the already ridicu­lous amount of spam I receive!).

Please email in the next day or so because we want to finalise num­bers and make a firm book­ing. If I get an over­load, then I’ll give pri­or­ity to those who have donated to the cost of Michael’s visit–and dona­tions have raised more than $500, so thanks very much to all those who have con­tributed.

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  • rooivis

    Pity there is noth­ing organ­ised in Mel­bourne, see­ing that he is here for 3 days. Maybe a lunch per­haps?

  • John Regan

    I cor­re­sponded with Dr. Hud­son a few months ago. Then I cor­re­sponded with a group across the pond in the UK that call them­selves “the rene­gade econ­o­mist”, and they were arrang­ing a series on debt relief — fea­tur­ing Michael Hud­son. Just recently I have been vis­it­ing this web­site and who should appear? Michael Hud­son.

    I’m hav­ing trou­ble find­ing any­one who believes that we need both debt relief and asset based money with no cen­tral bank. So far, every­one who likes the one opposes the other. It’s like I’m all alone in the world; I can’t find one other like minded per­son even with the inter­net pro­vid­ing easy inter-con­ti­nen­tal com­mu­ni­ca­tion.

    With all this syn­chronic­ity going on I’d love to have din­ner with Dr. Hud­son but don’t see any trips to Aus­tralia in my imme­di­ate future. Not that I wouldn’t love to go, but you know, com­mit­ments and all.

  • Damien

    Dear Steve and oth­ers,

    At the risk of preach­ing to the con­verted, I’d rec­om­mend look­ing at the state­ments and analy­sis put out by Bob Pretcher and his team at Elliot Wave Inter­na­tional (www.elliottwave.com).

    This does not appear to be in any­way related to the blog mem­ber of this web­site by a sim­i­lar name. In fact they seem to reach sim­i­lar con­clu­sions about the economy/stock/gold as your­self (and myself), albeit from a dif­fer­ent method — ie, long term elliott wave (or ‘socio­nomic’) the­ory rather then eco­nomic the­ory.

    Despite the dif­fer­ent tech­ni­cal back­ground, they are essen­tially of the same view as your­self, Steve — that this depres­sion will be (or is) the result of the burst­ing of a credit bub­ble caused by a lack of will­ing­ness to take on any more debt, and that it will only be over once the debt is back to sus­tain­able lev­els. Bit rad­i­cal some­times but cer­tainly worth­while look­ing at just for the dif­fer­ent per­spec­tive if noth­ing else. Word of warn­ing though, a fair bit of it is sub­scrip­tion based.

    They fore­cast just prior to the March stock mar­ket bot­tom that it would enter into a multi-month bear mar­ket rally, and that when that rally was near its top that their would be opti­mism that rivaled the top in Octo­ber 2007. Their most recent call is that the top of the bear mar­ket rally is just about upon us.


  • It’s been some time now, but Bob got in touch with me after I pub­lished Debunk­ing Eco­nom­ics, and sent me a copy of his most recent book. So yes, we are on related wave­lengths. The same applies with Harry Dent. There are ways in which our dif­fer­ent approaches to analysing the econ­omy do over­lap.

  • Debt2death

    A lot of peo­ple knows this.…but they choose to ignore the facts…

    1) Govts. see bad new as in GFC, credit crises etc
    2) Govts/Central banks inter­vened, hence good news appear(temporary) ie retail figs up, FHOG for hous­ing pushes houses prices up etc 

    Between 1 and 2 there is a time lag so the govts in power became ‘make believe’ sooth­say­ers. They’ll ‘fore­cast’ thing will get bet­ter, just wait for a few months… etc

    Of course things will look better(for a time being) cos’ these neo-bono­bos have pump tril­lion of buck of testos­terone in the ail­ing econ­omy. Of course, they’ll be right in their so-called ‘fore­cast’, my pet blue-tongue in my gar­den can do bet­ter.

    Any ‘don­key’ would know that if you give that cart a push, and then say I ‘fore­cast’ the cart will now move… or per­haps the car­rot is still in front of the don­key?

    Any­way, help me out here, folks… why are the gen­eral pub­lic so blind? Con­founds me big-time!!

    Okay just to back out what I’m say­ing try this for size..


    Read the SPIN… pls

    Thanks for allow­ing me to get this neo-bonobo..ism out of my chest!!

  • 2 John Regan:

    I’m hav­ing trou­ble find­ing any­one who believes that we need both debt relief and asset based money with no cen­tral bank.”

    Looks sim­i­lar to what I’m agi­tat­ing for in my Lithuan­ian blog. Free bank­ing with lib­eral bank­ruptcy laws and repu­di­a­tion of income/profit tax­a­tion.