Site Overload

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This is main­ly a post for my active dis­cus­sants, who are now suf­fer­ing from the vol­ume of debate here with 399 posts on the pre­vi­ous top­ic, and my own work­load right now that is mak­ing writ­ing a new post impos­si­ble.

I had hoped to post a new sub­stan­tive col­umn on Mon­day about recent eco­nom­ic and hous­ing mar­ket data, but with the new sub­ject I’m teach­ing (Behav­iour­al Finance) plus oth­er work com­mit­ments there’s no way I’m going to get there.

What I may do for the next 3 months while I am writ­ing lec­tures for this sub­ject is con­vert the Pow­er­point files to some­thing resem­bling HTML and post them here. While they are not specif­i­cal­ly on the finan­cial cri­sis, they are of course rel­e­vant to it–and the final six or so lec­tures will be on analysing finan­cial dynam­ics.

On the site design itself, I tried to alter set­tings on Word­Press to lim­it the dis­play of com­ments to the last 25 or so–and thus speed up page load­ing for discussants–but the options I altered seemed to change my mon­i­tor­ing page rather than the page peo­ple who click on the site see.

So if there are any Word­Press experts amongst the blog­gers, and you know how to set it so that the last (say) 50 com­ments only appear on a blog post­ing (with ear­li­er ones acces­si­ble by a link) please let me know and I’ll have a go at set­ting that switch here.

Before I can do so, the main func­tion of this post is to give my active con­trib­u­tors a short­er page to load than the +1MB behe­moth that the most recent blog entry with com­ments has become.

(For the record, the site now has 1903 sub­scribers and over 40,000 unique read­ers a month. Growth has slowed down as the “green shoots” appeared to blos­som. Like most here my expec­ta­tions are that these shoots will prove unsus­tain­able, and at some stage the growth rate of the blog will accel­er­ate once more.)

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