Today Tonight on possibility of Depression

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Chan­nel Sev­en’s Today Tonight is doing a piece on whether we might face a Depres­sion, and if so what it might be like. It should go to air tomorrow–Tuesday Feb­ru­ary 3rd.

They have inter­viewed me for analy­sis, and Eric Aarons–who lived through the Great Depres­sion and at 90 is still a dynam­ic sculp­tor and author.

They also want to speak to any­one who has lost their job recently–specifically if pos­si­ble as a result of the glob­al finan­cial cri­sis.

So if any­one out there is will­ing to speak on cam­era about it, please con­tact the jour­nal­ist James Thomas:

His email is and his mobile is 0411 329 920.

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