Debwatch on a new ISP

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I have just moved the blog to a new ISP after my pre­vi­ous provider IXWeb­host­ing proved to have intractable prob­lems with mal­ware.

The new host­ing is being pro­vid­ed pro bono by Cyanide Web Host­ing, which I great­ly appre­ci­ate.

Some posts may have been lost in the process, but that was prefer­able to putting up with a site that dis­trib­uted virus­es to all and sundry. So if you have made a post and it has­n’t turned up here, please re-sub­mit.

I have also been away for a cou­ple of days when there was quite a bit of traf­fic on the blog, and I’m not sure that I’ll be able to respond to all queries that came in dur­ing that time. My apolo­gies, but traf­fic on the blog is get­ting hard enough to cope with on a day by day basis, let alone when I take a cou­ple of days break from the inter­net.

That said, I’d like to sec­ond a recent sub­scriber’s obser­va­tion about the qual­i­ty of and civil­i­ty of dis­cus­sions on the blog. That’s some­thing that reflects the users who have signed on, and I appre­ci­ate it too–and learn quite a bit from the dis­cus­sions myself.

All the best, and wel­come aboard Cyanide’s web serv­er.

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